You’ll Have To Face Your Ex Eventually, Why Not Make A Great Second First Impression

I couldn’t possibly care less about getting my last ex back. We were only together for five months, but it felt like forever. Now, don’t get me wrong, he’s a great guy, but I don’t want to have people in my life that don’t want to be there. However, if I see him out and about, which is highly likely seeing as we live in the same small town and spend our time doing the same things with the same groups of people, I wouldn’t mind making him second-guess his decision to end the relationship. Read More….

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10 thoughts on “You’ll Have To Face Your Ex Eventually, Why Not Make A Great Second First Impression

  1. So,I have finished my NCR period.I iniate my first contact and I even took few hours before I reply his texts.Then,he called me and asked me out for a dinner and I said okay.So,he said that he missed me that he still have feelings for me but he just don’t feel like having a relationship with me or with anyone at this time.He needs time.So,tbh I dont know how to react.I was ready for almost every possible scenario when we met,but I didnt expect this.I didnt expect him to told me that hes not ready.What should I do? But dont get me wrong,NCR did work.Because previously when I asked him *beforencr whether we can still work things out,he said no.He said mean stuff to me.But after NCR he talk nicely to me and be gentle to me.Its just I’m confused.Pls do help me.

  2. hmm.. I had to ask because from you comment, it sounds like you chased him but you weren’t aware of it and then when you stopped doing that, he started getting warm with you.. But if you’ve done the no contact rule, then just do it again. Do it properly. Instead of just being silent and improving yourself. Focus in moving on and accepting that you can’t control other people. If they don’t respect you, then walk away from them. You can’t get rid of your mom, but you can walk away from your ex. Control what you can(which is yourself) and let go of the ones you can’t

  3. Be less available.. when you do bond or talk make it fun, but show him that you have a life of your own.. Have dates with your friends or romantic date with a new guy.. You have to convey the message that you understand him but that doesn’t mean you’re going to wait forever. If he doesn’t act now, then when?

  4. Thanks Amor.But now when I text him,he always said he’s busy.Things seems change when I told him I feel the same about him.He said he’s sorry.I know his schedule are pack since he owns a few bar himself but during NCR period,he’s the one who chased me but now it makes I’m the one who want to chase him.Should I iniate NCR again?If so,for how long?

  5. Btw,I forgot to mention.It will be so nice if Chris can cover an issue on how to fix all the mistakes that might have been done AFTER the no contact rule ended.For an example,as for myself when my ex had told me he still miss me and still has feelings for me,I sort of become a text gnat back like how I used to be before I iniate NCR.And I think it feels like breaking up for the 2nd time.I tried google up on how to fix the mistakes that I did after NCR and I found NONE!most of the articles or videos talked about NCR and building mutual attraction after that but what if someone face problem like me?They made a mistake after NCR.How to reverse the mistakes?

  6. Thank you for the suggestions! I’ll forward to him. You don’t have to do another no contact rule but you really need to be a little distant, focus more on your activities again. Continue the ones you started during nc, and go out more with friends. That means texting less than you usually did after no contact rule.

  7. Hey Amor.I felt a little bit sad today.My ex texts me last night,he said “Sorry,it’s not that I’m giving you hope but for right now I just want us to stay as friends.I hope you are okay.Goodnight dear.” I try to reply it with positive vibe by saying “No pressure.Its okay.” He just bluetick my text and I tried to iniate a fun text messages to engage his attention.But like always,he just bluetick my whatsapp.Tbh,I don’t know why he act like a jerk.He said he loves me but he don’t want to get back to me now?I asked my male friends,they said how about if I wish him goodmorning and goodnight everyday for a month *withoutexpectinghimtoreply* and then poof after that.Since most of my male friends are not an expert when it comes to breakup,i just wanna confirm this with you or chris.Like right now,when he already know that I still love him,he treat me like he don’t care.Because he knows that I’m someone that is very hard to waver or fell in love with someone.He even said this “If you’re waiting for someone like me to sweep you off your feet,that person will only be me”Don’t get me wrong but there’s few others guy that have been asking me out on a date since they know I’m available again.I’m confused what should I do now.He was not my 1st love but I don’t have hard time to learn to let go of my 1st love since he died due to an accident.I found its easier to move on from a dead person than a living one.If its okay with Chris,I will really like to know his insight on this matter.But if he’s not available,I don’t mind to hear from your insight too Amor! Just please do tell me either I should listen to my male friends suggestions or should I waited for him to text me 1st or should I iniate NCR again?And plus,he priotize his works and his brotherhood *friends waayy too much that he even one said it was the reason why most of his previous ex left.But you see,I never left.Its true I did told him,I wish you spend more time with me *during we were in a relationship* And despite of anyone said,I still don’t want to move on or give up on him.

  8. So,my ex text me just now he said there’s a reason why I dont want to reply to your text or phone calls.I don’t want to give you hope.He said I was hoping too much and he said its makes him scared. And he said it will be better if we stop texting each other like one month ago.U know Amor,thats hurt.Deeply.Idk whats in his mind.He changes his mind too frequent.Idk how to deal with this.Its hurt.I love him and I want him back.I dont want to move on.Please.I am devastated.

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