New ‘cyber college’ to train airmen on cyber challenges

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Airmen may soon take cybersecurity classes as part of a new school designed to bring the Air Force’s digital abilities to the cutting edge. “Ultimately, when we’re fully capable, every airmen will have access to content on cyber education that makes them aware of the world around them and their goal of being problem solvers,” said Lt. Gen. Steven Kwast, who’s heading up the endeavor. On June 2, Kwast, commander of Air University at Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama, made public the plans to create a “cyber college” to expand the education and training available to airmen. A few days later, the federal government announced it was the victim of one of the largest data breaches in history, with hackers getting personal information on millions of Americans. “It just reinforces the fact that we as a society, and really we as a world, have grown dependent on cyber,” Kwast told Air Force Times. “Those dependencies can create vulnerabilities that we have to be able to defend against.” Kwast hopes the new cyber college will help lead the Air Force’s answer to that growing cyber threat. “The purpose of Air University is to help educate airmen for the defense of this nation,” […]

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