Homeland Security Dept. Can Not Combat Cyberattacks As They Struggles to Hire Staff


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WASHINGTON — At a time of increasing threats of cyberattacks on critical infrastructure, the Department of Homeland Security is having trouble recruiting much-needed computer experts because it cannot match the pay of the private sector and does not have the same allure as intelligence agencies. Recent disclosures that Iranian hackers with ties to the government in Tehran had launched a cyberattack against a dam in New York highlighted the need for the department, which is charged with protecting government and private systems from cyberintrusions, to have a staff capable of responding to sophisticated enemies. “We are competing in a tough marketplace against a private sector that is in a position to offer a lot more money,” Jeh Johnson, the Homeland Security secretary, told senators at a hearing last month. “We need more cybertalent without a doubt in D.H.S., in the federal government, and we are not where we should be right now, that is without a doubt.” Concern about the potential for cyberattacks on infrastructure was heightened after a Dec. 23 hack of the Ukrainian power grid that caused a blackout for 225,000 customers. The department, which helped Ukrainian officials investigate the case, confirmed that it was a cyberattack. But […]

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