Hackers demand $37K ransom for Pekin Community High School data

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Hackers demand $37K ransom for Pekin Community High School data

Students at Pekin Community High School are only just getting access to the Internet after malware infected the school network early Sunday morning.

“We all thought it was because it was testing, and we thought that the principal might have turned it off or something, but I guess that’s not the case,’ said sophomore Arika Berrios. “Apparently someone hacked into the whole system!”

Superintendent Danielle Owens confirmed the hack locked everyone out from accessing grades, schedules, lesson plans and other information on the school’s network. The hackers demand $37,000 dollars to release the data.

“I don’t think anything like this has ever happened before here at the school,” said senior Tyler Carlson. “I think we’ve had a pretty secure system.”

Superintendent Owns also confirmed the involvement of local police and the FBI, and that no personal information was at risk.

Though students aren’t particularly worried, this type of malware attack is serious. Dave Jacobs with Facet Technologies says this type of infection can happen to anyone. And most likely, it’s a case of the hackers getting lucky.

Jacobs explained these types of viruses are spread everywhere, trying to find any vulnerability.

“It’s kind of like walking through a neighborhood at night and checking to see if anybody has an unlocked front door,” he said.

Jacobs also mentioned the necessity of keeping your anti-virus and protection software up-to-date, and being careful of what you click on or download.

Superintendent Owens mentioned they have no plans on paying the ransom and are already almost finished restoring backups to all of the locked data.


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