#deepweb | Facebook redesign with dark mode rolls out for some users

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Facebook’s long-awaited dark mode for the web is coming this spring — and if you’re one of the lucky, chosen few, it may arrive much sooner. 

Facebook originally announced the new design in April 2019, during its annual F8 developer conference. The new look is supposed to be a lot cleaner, with more white space. 

However, the redesign has a dark mode hidden in the settings, too. According to app hacker Jane Manchun Wong, who has been testing the new design for months, the new site will not automatically switch to dark mode if you have system-wide dark mode set on your PC; you have to manually toggle it on or off. 

Sporadic reports on social media point to more users getting the new design, with a pop-up offering a “fresh, simpler Facebook.”

The new design, while significantly different from the current one, shouldn’t be all that foreign to users, as it closely mimics the look of Facebook’s mobile app. 

According to CNET, the new design should become available to everyone in the spring. If they don’t like it, users can currently revert back to the old look, as well as offer feedback and flag bugs. 

The biggest deal for some (me included) will likely be the dark mode option. Numerous popular online apps and services, including Twitter, Slack, and Gmail, have already launched their version of the dark mode for the web. Facebook is probably the most popular app that still doesn’t offer something of the sort. 

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