B.C. government systems vulnerable to hacking: Auditor General

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B.C. government systems vulnerable to hacking: Auditor General

Many British Columbia government organizations lack a strong enough line of defence against hacking, system threats and disruption, according to the province’s auditor general. Carol Bellringer released a new report Tuesday examining general computing controls, or the policies and practices that protect government information technology systems from threats. “We can’t stress enough the importance of these controls,” she told reporters. “Without strong general computing controls, government risks loss of public trust in its ability to safeguard our most sensitive data and ensuring critical services are always up and running.” General computing controls include restraints on who can access systems, how to make changes to systems and backup and recovery of systems. Bellringer asked all 148 government organizations, including ministries, health authorities and colleges, to rate their general computing controls and audited 13 of those self-assessments. Many organizations assessed themselves at a higher level than in a previous report in 2013. But of the 13 organizations she audited, 69 per cent over-rated their level of achievement. “They didn’t have sufficient evidence to support their self-assessments. Many of them didn’t have documented policies and procedures, which are the foundation of strong general computing controls,” she said. Bellringer recommended that organizations review their […]

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