3D Video: Royal Oman Police to raise awareness through videos

Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans

Muscat: A series of 3D films designed to increase awareness of crimes is planned by the Royal Oman Police (ROP). “The fifteen 3D videos will be released as episodes and will be broadcast during the Holy Month of Ramadan on television and social media,” a source at the ROP said.A 2.41-minute promo of the upcoming serials in the 3D format is already posted on social media and has been watched by more than 33,500 viewers.The ROP source added that the purpose of the video is to reach the public through new and modern ways of communication which they connect with. “We at ROP thought it best to use new-era technology to address different crimes through TV and social media channels,” explained the source. Aimed at children and youth, the 3D serials are designed to be an education tool. The ROP had earlier released an advertisement explaining online services provided by the ROP on their official website. “I feel the promo clip conveyed the message very well to the public,” said the source. Also, traditional music used in the advertisement was well appreciated, he noted. Responding to the clip, Ali Khlafan, who works in the government sector, said he appreciated the […]

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