World youngest Pakistani microsoft certified professionals recieved death threats


Rooma Syedain Inam Ali Ayedain Subhan Ali Syedain Receiving award from prime minister of Pakistan

Former world youngest Microsoft certified professionals from Pakistan are being blackmailed by from unknown criminals , who demands $20,000 in return or they may kill if not paid.

Ghulam Syedain father of three Microsoft certified siblings Rooma Syedain , Inam Ali Syedain and Subhan Ali Syedain who had received various shields from President of Pakistan , Prime minister of Pakistan , governor Punjab is being blackmailed by criminals who demands $20,000.

Father of world youngest Microsoft professionals Ghulam Syedain told press on Wednesday,

“I run an advertising company named “Real Advertiser” in Islamabad. I am highly stressed as i am receiving receiving death threats while police is doing nothing. I have already payed $ 8,000 earlier his year to same criminals and now they are demanding for $ 20,000 again”

Mr. Ghulam had already told the police about the whole issue while police haven’t even launched any FIR.

The question rises: If Talent of Pakistan is not being provided safety in Pakistan’s capital Islamabad where security is always red alert then situation of other area will be more worst.

Mansab Chaudhry founder along with world youngest microsoft professionals

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