Why Getting “Revenge” Is The Worst Possible Thing You Can Do After A Breakup

You just got out of a relationship. Maybe it was the one you thought you were going to be in forever, but they hurt you out of nowhere. And now, you’re dreaming of getting revenge. But you shouldn’t do that. Trying to get revenge after a breakup is one of the worst things you can do (not just for your ex, but for you, as well). Although we think getting revenge sounds like a great idea at the time when we’re really hurt, the honest truth is that it will probably never do what you intend for it to do. In fact, it probably makes us feel worse overall. Here are some reasons you might not want to start crafting your revenge strategy now. 1. You’ll Come Off As Immature OK, breakups suck, but let’s face it: When you go out of your way to get revenge, you come off like a really immature baby. I’m sorry to be the bearer of harsh words, but better me than your ex or their friends. When we all think of ways mature, emotionally balanced people handle breakups, we usually think of tea and yoga and chats with friends on a couch somewhere. We don’t think of post-breakup horror stories […]

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