Stephen Greenhalgh: Get ready for 5,000 Digital Dixons of Dock Green


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Last week I accompanied the Mayor and Bill Bratton, the New York Police Commissioner, on a visit to a high-tech intelligence hub that protects Wall Street from criminal and terrorist attacks. The visit underlined a shared commitment to invest in technology to strengthen frontline policing. The NYPD and Microsoft worked together to develop a Domain Awareness System that aggregates and analyses huge amounts of public safety data in real time. Analysts are notified of any suspicious packages or vehicles and the police can then search for suspects using CCTV images and licence plate readers. Both London and New York are great, global cities that have become much safer in the last twenty years. In 2014 both cities had their best year on homicides since the 1960s. London’s murder total was just 92 in 2014 – half of what it was in 1991, when London had 2 million fewer residents. New York has seen even more dramatic reductions in homicide – down from 2,245 in 1992 to 333 last year. Both cities face similar public safety challenges. The challenge for a future Mayor of London must be to keep crime coming down on dramatically reduced policing budgets, as well as to protect Londoners […]

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