Sony Pictures Got Hacked Once again

Sony Pictures have a history of being hacked in last few years, either it gets hacked by Anonymous or by a group of hackers claiming to be The Guardians of Peace who leaks its data online including “The Interview” movie. The data which Korean Hackers leaked in 2014 was more than 5 terabytes and it worth $ 15. After this Hack U.S intelligence agency FBI and National Security Agency blamed North Korean government behind this hack but this time it gets hacked by Russian Hackers.

Why Sony Pictures entertainment got hacked before!

Sony pictures entertainment had announced that they are going to make a movie named the interview in which they were made north Korean leader Kim Jong-un as a negative  character  which was criticized  by north Korea as a racism which forced The Guardians of Peace ( Supposedly to be North Korean Hackers) to leak The interview movie online as it was against North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-Un along with other sensitive data sized in terabytes. This hack cost fifteen million dollars loss to the Company while national security agency and FBI were blaming North Korean military behind this hack.

Poster of “The Interview” Movie

The Recent Hack by Russians Hackers!

According to the Taia Global an information security company has wrote in  his blog about recent hacking attack on Sony Pictures Californian office. Taia wrote that Californian  office of Sony picture has been hacked once again and hackers who are supposed to be of Russian origin still have access to its network they had hacked it by  sphere phishing attacks. 
Taia claimed that they got this information through a Russian hacker Yama Tough who had also hacked Symantec antivirus source code and had served behind the bar for this hack. Taia Claims that Yama Tough is a part of  of the same hacking group which hacked Sony pictures. To support their claim Taia also shared two Sony pictures documents which were shared by Yama Tough with them and these documents were not in those which were released by The Guardians of Peace.

How Sony Picture Entertainment Got Hacked!

According to Taia Global Sony Pictures Entertainment was hacked by Sphere phishing attack in which Hacker send suspicious mails with attachment acting as a legitimate user once the victim open the E-mail.He/she may find an attached document which can be Microsoft office document of any PDF file having a payload attached with it. Such sort of payload are attached with these files by using 0day vulnerabilities within Adobe reader and MS office.
Once the hacker gain access in one computer within the network he may can compromise whole network by exploiting it internally.

How to Get Secure from Similar Cyber attacks.

If Sony Pictures Entertainment’s employees were properly trained and aware about such sort of attack it was highly impossible to hack Sony pictures. Who Got Hacked & C-Atrax is working to secure Organizations from such sort of attack and their certified social engineering course is highly advance course by which an organization can secure from external social engineering attacks including sphere phishing.

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