Report: Ohio consumers are at a high risk of ID theft

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The National Consumers League has issued a report that analyzes new Federal Trade Commission data that indicates Ohio remains a hotspot in the national fraud epidemic and that Ohio consumers are at a high risk of ID theft. Ohio was ranked the 20th highest-ranked state in per-capita identity theft complaints to the FTC in 2014. Government benefits, credit card and utilities fraud accounted for most of the 9,161 identity theft complains received in Ohio. Fifty-four percent of Ohio residents who filed complaints reported a loss. The average amount reported paid was $1,428. The Cleveland-Elyria metropolitan area ranked in the top fifty nationally in per-capita identity theft complaint rates. The vulnerability of Ohio consumers to fraud, and particularly identity theft, is exacerbated by the ongoing problem of data breaches, the NCL reports. According to Javelin Strategy & Research, nearly one in three data breach victims will also experience identity fraud. As information on tens of millions of consumers affected by breaches at companies like Target, Home Depot and Anthem continue to fall in to the hands of cybercriminals, it is likely that millions more will suffer from this scam, the NCL said. “Data breaches regularly expose sensitive personal information about millions […]

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