How To Perform A Background Check Before Meeting Your Online Date

Especially in today’s digital age, meeting new people is more difficult than ever before, which is exactly why online dating services have become so popular. They’re a great way to gain friends and create relationships without having to spend time and energy going to clubs, bars, or other social events.   However, not everyone who signs up is actually looking for love. There are tons of scammers and criminals who take advantage of unsuspecting victims on these sites all the time. It’s important to be wary of potentially fake matches, but exactly how do you find out if whoever you matched with is really who they claim to be?   Here are 3 ways of how to perform a background check before meeting your online date:   1. Check their social media profiles.   Most dating apps require users to connect their social media accounts to their dating profile. This is mainly so they can upload photos, profile information, and interests, but anybody can create a new Facebook or Instagram, add a couple of photos, and link it to their dating profile to seem legit.   Enter the person’s name, education, and/or work information that shows on their dating profile into Facebook to locate their […]

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