Helping #insureds reach #corporate levels of #cyber security’ at #home

Source: National Cyber Security News

Cyber security has become a top of mind issue for commercial organizations across the world. Most big corporations have strong disciplines and risk management procedures in place to ensure cyber resilience is tight. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for a typical home network.

Poor cyber hygiene at home is the gateway that enables cyber criminals to get personal. An open home Wi-Fi connection versus a password protected system could make all the difference if a bad actor attempts to hack a personal bank account or bitcoin wallet.

High net worth (HNW) individuals with deep pockets are particularly at risk of personal cyberattacks. Member-owned PURE Insurance, which serves HNW clients, has developed an innovative cyber fraud offering to protect PURE members from falling prey to cybercrime.

PURE Starling, available as an add-on to homeowners’ insurance, provides broad coverage for fraud and cybercrime, including financial loss resulting from online and offline fraud, and services to help assess and respond to cyber extortion threats, remove malware and reinstall software after an attack.

“The issue of cyber insurance was born out of feedback from our PURE members, who were starting to express concerns about data security and the privacy of their personal information,” explained Martin Hartley, chief operating officer, PURE.

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