Five Keys To Turning Lead Gen ‘Dates’ Into Long-Term Relationships

Lead generation is a lot like online dating. It’s important for agents to create a virtual online relationship with their clients and prospects if their programs are going to be successful. There’s no “magic bullet,” but with focus and planning, online lead gen can definitely boost your business. Below are five ways to make your lead gen efforts more successful. 1. Be trustworthy. Make sure your photo is current and that your information is consistent on all business-related sites. You might prefer your photo from 10 years ago, but a prospective client MUST be able to recognize you at a coffee shop based on your photo — so if the picture doesn’t look like you anymore, be sure to swap in a current one. Make sure all posted information is up-to-date and consistent. Prospects often search multiple online sites and social media channels, so it’s critical that your sales data and testimonials are current. Keep a record of all sites where your name appears, and pick one day a year to update everything. Always tell the truth. It might be tempting to embellish the facts a bit, but given the availability of online data, chances are, you’ll get caught. 2. […]

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