Faribault Police Department to improve its data extraction technology in 2015

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Technology: It’s everywhere. And it’s being used for crimes, too. However, solving a crime that involves technology with limited resources can be quite difficult. Currently, Faribault investigators have to thumb through a device and take pictures of its content. This method is not only outdated but time-consuming. “As far as forensic software, we are behind (the curve),” said Detective Sgt. Brandon Gliem. Depending on the size of agency, budget and jurisdiction, some police departments already have forensic units, Gliem said. Rochester, for example, created a forensics unit three to four years ago. “We have not had anything,” Gliem said. “We’ll be the first in Rice County, which is exciting.” Included in the city’s capital improvement plan this year, the police department was authorized $13,000 to purchase technology and pay for training to better equip its investigations unit with tools and knowledge to extract data from mobile cellular phones and other mobile devices. “You can almost not have a criminal event that doesn’t involve some type of technology,” said Police Chief Andy Bohlen. “We think this is going to be key in turning around cases quicker.” In the case of an emergency, the department may go to another agency, but Bohlen […]

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