Cyber security for a hyper-connected world


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2014 ended on the heels of the infiltration of Sony Pictures’ corporate network. The media has been inundated with an alarming number of reports of global businesses being compromised, and in some cases large chunks of confidential data was released online by the intruders. We can only speculate about the actual extent of financial losses incurred through these attacks. Consider this: Bitstamp, a European bitcoin exchange and the world’s third largest, recently went dark after it was attacked by hackers and bitcoin currency worth approximately $5mn was reportedly stolen. Bitcoins, as we know, are a globally accepted virtual currency and can also be traded for actual money. But, it’s also high time to consider the potentially crippling impact of a similar attack on a stock market. Following such fiascos, cyber-security has finally gained recognition as a top agenda for business leaders in 2015. A recent report by FTI Consulting, as a part of its Law in the Boardroom Study, had found that Data Security was a top concern for the top echelons of the management team, even outranking concerns over succession and leadership transition. But the impact of large scale cyber-attacks is not limited to their business or political impact, […]

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